Fluffy French Bulldogs

Fluffy French Bulldogs

So obviously, fluffy French Bulldogs aren’t a color, but let me quickly explain some things that I have been asked about.


Fluffies need two copies of the trait "long hair" in order to have long hair. If a puppy carries only one long-hair trait, it will be a normal short-haired Frenchie.

As far as colors go, all colors can be created with fluffy Frenchies as well as with short-haired Frenchies.

Fluffies' long hair traits have different lengths when tested, for example, L1, L2, L3, and L4. Supposedly, an L4L4 Frenchie will have longer hair than a L1L1 Fluffy, but in my experience, that is just not the case. I've seen L1L1 Fluffies have just as much hair as a L4L4 Frenchie. Furthermore, you can breed an L1L1 fluffy with a L4L4 fluffy, and all puppies will have long hair (L1L4).

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